Capsule inn Shimbashi
The Closest HOTEL to the Shimbashi station
What exactly is a capsule hotel?

Capsule hotels are accommodations that have thrown away the idea of a single private room, and have instead focused on basic necessities such as sleep and bath to provide the most accommodating stay at the lowest prices.
Capsule units that provide rest are shaped like the cockpits of aircrafts and are stacked in two layers, continuing down the hallway.


The hotel is conveniently located at the center of Tokyo. Within walking distance are the Shimbashi station(1 minute walk) and the iconic Ginza shopping district of Tokyo (less than 10 minutes walk). Whether for business and sight-seeing, it is the best one can desire for.
We provide well-maintained facilities and superb services to ensure your stay at our hotel is comfortable. It is our goal to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

TTokyo Olympics is coming in 2020!!

We are here to probide you paying methods as many as we can.

Unfortunately, there are still a lots of places that do not accept credit or debit cards from American Banks.

However, we just added three different paying methods that now yolu could be using to be able to pay such as Suica, VISA (including VISA touch),iD payment.

Obviously, we accept cash adn credit cards as well.

Standard  Stay  

4,000 yen  (tax included)

[12: 00 pm~ Next 10: 00am]

It is the classic course of the hotel. Business · play · break, in various scenes  Best price!

Early morning plan  

2,000 yen (tax included)

[5: 00am ~ 10: 00am] Maximum 5 hours

It is very popular with customers who want to drink until the morning and want to sleep before work!

Super early morning plan  

3,000 yen(tax included)

[5: 00 am ~ 12: 00pm] Maximum 5 hours

Get ready for work with afternoon resting slowly in the morning

Nap plan  

1,000 yen  (tax included)

[10: 00am~15: 00pm] Maximum 5 hours

Course resting to a businessman who is tired. Nap and do the vitality of the afternoon!

Hotels Information 

Location:        3 Chome-21-3 Shinbashi Tokyo Japan

Phone/Fax     +81-3-3437-5511 / +81-3-3437-1021

Mail :

Check-In:       12:00pm

Check-Out:   10:00am

Access:           JR Shimbashi Station walk to 1 min

equipment:   Wi-figown, towel ,toothbrush ,razor   free.

Services:        City map, Rental  battery charger  ,

English assistance are free.


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